Frame repairs not completed by collision repair facility processing customer repair estimate

Summary on agreed repair times, applicable rates, and additional costs not billable to ICBC.

Required equipment and agreed repair time

A collision repair facility is expected to only take on repairs that they are equipped to perform. In the event that a facility contracts another repair facility to perform frame repairs, collision repair program requirements still apply regarding, equipment, and charge out rates.

To diagnose the appropriate ICBC agreed repair time, both the original and sublet facilities must have in their possession, and use

  • current dimensional data appropriate to the vehicle being repaired, and
  • simultaneous three dimensional electronic measuring equipment.

The facility performing the frame repairs must utilize equipment that meets structural equipment requirements as outlined in collision repair facility equipment and training requirements.

Frame repair charge out rates

Frame repairs are paid at the applicable Collision Repair Program rates, including materials based on the hours entered on the Mitchell estimate. The original facility must establish the judgement time for the frame repair time.

Once the original facility sublets the frame repairs, ICBC does not pay

  • any markup over the facility’s own applicable Collision Repair Program charge out rate, or
  • towing charges between original repair facility and sublet repair facility.