Collision Repair Program participant depreciation application process

Steps to determine whether depreciation applies to the claim.

When this applies

When a Collision Repair program participant determines that depreciation may apply.


  1. Collision Repair program participant
    1. Refers to the ICBC depreciation chart, that is found in the topic, Depreciation.
    2. Identifies if depreciation applies.
      If depreciation ... Then the participant …
      • notes the claim in messages and line remarks
      • refers the decision to ICBC with the note: Requires Review, and
      • proceeds with the repairs.
      Note: The repairs cannot proceed if
      • there is a cumulative actual cash value exceeding 60%
      • the claim is a hit and run, or
      • the estimating system or participant flagged the vehicle as a potential total loss, which requires review due to
        • unrelated damage, or
        • damage inconsistent with assignment notes.
      does not apply
      • notes the claim in messages and line remarks, and
      • continues with repairs.
      Note: The participant cannot replace the part(s) for review until resolved by ICBC.
  2. ICBC estimator
    1. Determines whether depreciation applies.
      When depreciation... Then the estimator...
      • determines the appropriate amount of depreciation to apply, noting on the claim, and
      • informs the participant and customer of the depreciation percentage applied, adjusting the estimate with the amount of depreciation
      • the process ends.
      does not apply informs the participant that no depreciation applies.
  3. Collision Repair program participant
    1. Collects the depreciation amount from the customer prior to delivering the vehicle.