Last updated 2021-06-22

Managing a roof glass claim at a glass repair program facility

How a roof glass claim is managed at a glass repair program facility.


The customer has
  • called into Dial-A-Claim
  • confirmed their coverage
  • been issued an "Auto" type of claim, and
  • attended a glass repair program facility.
Note: The customer should have the glass repair program participant contact the Vendor Unit at

When this applies

When a glass claim for roof glass is submitted. Roof glass is defined as movable or urethane set glass affixed to the roof of a passenger vehicle, and includes
  • sunroofs
  • moon roofs
  • panoramic roof glass, and
  • T-tops.
Note: Glass rates would apply.


  1. Glass repair program participant
    1. Sends email to Vendor Unit, requesting a glass estimate for the claim, including
    • name and email address of the participant
    • supporting photos of
      • vehicle identification number (VIN)
      • odometer
      • overall vehicle image with licence plate, and
    • parts numbers, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and/or National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS), needed for repairs, including pricing.
  2. Vendor Unit
    1. Receives the email with the claim information from the participant.
    2. Assigns the request to an ICBC estimator.
  3. ICBC estimator
    1. Reviews request and creates an estimate, including any used parts details, if applicable.
    Note: Providing complete claim information assists in an efficient and prompt approval process. The estimator may contact the participant should they have any questions or need for additional information before approval.
    Note: The estimate, including all the necessary remove and reinstall times to complete the repair, is emailed back to the contact listed on the original request.
  4. Glass repair program participant
    1. Performs the repairs.
    2. Collects the deductible from the customer, having them sign the estimate.
    3. Emails the final estimate to the Vendor Unit, who processes the payment along with the next available vendor payment.