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Apply alternative estimating

The estimator applies alternative estimating to a vehicle at a collision repair program facility.


The repair facility has a vehicle where the

  • estimate total repair cost is close to or marginally exceeds the maximum repair cost of the vehicle
  • customer requests repairs
  • safety of the repaired vehicle will not be compromised, and
  • repair amount paid by ICBC is the only contribution to the repair cost.

When this applies

The estimator has confirmed that the prerequisites have been met.

Important: The estimator should remind the repair facility, that they cannot alter the original estimate or supplement, without receiving prior approval from the respective estimating service manager and customer, regarding the total loss notification.


  1. Determine the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle.
    If the ACV is … Then the total maximum allowable repair amount must not exceed the …
    $2,500 or less, including taxes ACV.
    over $2,500, including taxes maximum repair cost.
  2. Establish the maximum allowable repair amount.
  3. Confirm that the vehicle owner wants their vehicle repaired.
  4. Discuss alternative estimating procedures with the personnel at the repair facility, including
    • reduced labour rates
    • discounted part prices
    • reduced cost, only if a touch-up and polish for a minor chip or scratch is needed, that does not affect the overall appearance of the vehicle, or
    • removed or reduced Alternative Transportation Service (ATS) prices.
  5. Supplement the estimate by using the alternative estimating procedure applied.
  6. Create a Journal Note to document the alternative estimating procedure agreed upon with the repair facility.

    Include in the Journal Note the following information: alternate estimate procedure in effect.

  7. Proceed with the repair procedures.
    Important: The estimating services manager must approve the alternative estimating. The alternative estimating can only be between ICBC and a participant in the collision repair program who is in good standing.
    Note: For more information on what the estimator does when there is a total loss notification on a estimate submitted by a participant, see the topic, Determine a total loss at collision repair program facility.