Last updated 2021-06-22

Policy on supplier incentives and promotions

Policy on allowable supplier incentives and promotions


Suppliers must not offer to provide goods or services of value to the customer on any ICBC claim, unless it is necessary to perform the work specified by ICBC.

If the goods and services are… They can include…
  • cleaning of the vehicle
  • wiper blades, if the windshield is being replaced, and
  • established consumer point programs, such as Air Miles, Aeroplan.
not allowed
  • vouchers for gasoline or food, and
  • additional work to the customer’s vehicle of any specific value.

Discounted goods or services

Any discount offered by the supplier for work that is specified by ICBC must be applied to the balance payable by ICBC and not to the amount of deductible, depreciation or taxes payable by the customer.