Last updated 2020-02-03

Handle unrelated damage concern from collision repair program facility

The ICBC estimator handles concerns from a collision repair program facility regarding unrelated damage.

When this applies

When the repair facility identifies that the vehicle has damage unrelated to the loss description taken by the Claims Contact Centre (CCC), it must document the issue and contact ICBC before beginning repairs. The ICBC estimator must
  • determine if the concern is valid
  • update documentation, and
  • liaise with the customer.


  1. Determine if the repair facility concern is valid.
    If damage is ... Then ...
    consistent with the reported cause of loss
    • approve estimate
    • direct the repair facility to complete the repairs, and
    • the procedure ends here.
    not consistent with the reported cause of loss proceed to step 2.
  2. Remove the damage on Work Center Appraisal.
  3. Add in the journal notes that the damage is unrelated.
  4. Call the customer to advise them of the unrelated damage.
  5. Make a note in the claim on with information on the
    • unrelated damage, and
    • customer conversation.