Last updated 2023-09-01
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Select Vancouver Island rental rates

ICBC replacement vehicle daily rental rates for select Vancouver Island locations (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) including Comox, Courtney, Duncan and Nanaimo.

Daily rental rates

The following vehicle classes are available for the corresponding daily rental rates.

View Rental vehicle makes and models to determine the applicable vehicle class.

Table 1. Schedule: Comox, Courtney, Duncan, Nanaimo
Vehicle class Daily rental rate
Midsize $33.49
Full size $39.49
Premium $42.99
Convertible $56.99
Luxury (Exception only) $49.99
Minivan $48.49
Compact SUV $46.49
Small SUV (5 seats with AWD/4WD) $49.49
Regular SUV (5 seats with AWD/4WD) $51.49
Large SUV (7 passenger) $60.99
Pickup Truck (1/2 ton) $60.49
4x4 Crew Cab $75.49
Super cab (3/4 and 1 ton) $75.49
Cargo Van* $60.99
Cube Van* (16') $81.49
Flat Deck Truck* $100.99
Premium Elite Sedan* $176.49
Executive Lux Sedan* $226.49
Large Executive Lux Sedan* $251.49
Luxury Elite SUV* $201.49
Executive Lux SUV* $226.49
Large Executive Lux SUV* $251.49
Porsche 911* $326.49

A Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) of $0.57 per transaction day is permitted in addition to the above rates.

Refer to the Invoicing structure of the preferred supplier agreement between ICBC and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.