Last updated 2023-09-01
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Greater Victoria, Lower Mainland, and Squamish rental rates

ICBC replacement vehicle daily rental rates for Greater Victoria, Lower Mainland, and Squamish locations (Enterprise Rent-A-Car).

Daily rental rates

The following vehicle classes are available for the corresponding daily rental rates.

View Rental vehicle makes and models to determine the applicable vehicle class.

Table 1. Schedule: Greater Victoria, Lower Mainland, Squamish
Vehicle class Daily rental rate
Midsize $27.49
Full size $33.49
Premium $36.99
Convertible $50.99
Luxury (Exception only) $43.99
Minivan $42.99
Compact SUV $40.49
Small SUV (5 seats with AWD/4WD) $43.49
Regular SUV (5 seats with AWD/4WD) $45.49
Large SUV (7 passenger) $50.99
Pickup Truck (1/2 ton) $50.99
4x4 Crew Cab $65.99
Super cab (3/4 and 1 ton) $65.99
Cargo Van* $50.99
Cube Van* (16') $76.49
Flat Deck Truck* $90.99
Premium Elite Sedan* $151.49
Executive Lux Sedan* $201.49
Large Executive Lux Sedan* $226.49
Luxury Elite SUV* $176.49
Executive Lux SUV* $201.49
Large Executive Lux SUV* $226.49
Porsche 911* $301.49

A Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) of $0.57 per transaction day is permitted in addition to the above rates.

Refer to the Invoicing structure of the preferred supplier agreement between ICBC and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.