Last updated 2021-03-12

Glass pricing and billing

Glass parts on all Glass Claim Report and Payment Requisition (CL14B) forms and Glass Replacement Invoice (CL14BX) forms are billed at no greater than the current National Autoglass Specifications (NAGS) prices less the current discount, with some exceptions.

Exception: Pricing exceptions include when the
  • price is not posted in
    • Glass Web Express (GWE), or
    • the NAGS calculator,
  • customer has in effect on the date of loss a
    • Replacement Cost Endorsement (APV286A), or
    • New Vehicle Replacement Plus (NVR+).

Billing exception details

Customer coverage Glass price Billing exception details
No additional coverage Price is posted in GWE or the NAGS calculator Bill at no greater than the current NAGS price less current discount
  • APV286A, or
  • NVR+
Bill and replace with OEM.
No additional coverage
Price is not posted in GWE or the NAGS calculator Bill at
  • the last known published NAGS calculator pricing , with required documentation to support, or
  • cost, plus 25% mark-up, when purchased from an after-market supplier.
Important: If the customer chooses not to utilize their APV286A or NVR+, then NAGS based pricing can be applied, but cannot exceed the OEM retail price.

The repair facility’s decision to do a glass repair and replace does not require approval from the Provincial Glass Operations (PGO). The decision must be supported with photos and notes on file. Compliance with procedures is verified using analytics, file reviews, and audits.

Refer to the BC Motor Vehicle Act and associated Regulations for considerations of vision impairment to help determine repair and replace decisions.


Glass pricing and documents must be in accordance with the Glass Repair Program Guide. If billing at the last known published NAGS pricing, a copy of the NAGS guide cover and part pricing page must to be loaded into Vendor Document Image Application (VDIA) when submitting for review.