Last updated 2021-10-28

Request ICBC review of collision repair estimate

A collision repair program facility flags an estimate for an ICBC review.

When this applies

An ICBC customer with a Collision Repair Program claim has contacted the collision repair program facility.

If necessary, the collision repair participant can submit the estimate specifically requesting an ICBC estimator to review if it meets an exception, including but not limited to
  • a hit and run claim
  • potential total loss
  • multiple claims
  • betterment
  • allowances
  • cash settlements
  • back ordered parts, or
  • unrelated damage.
Note: Unwarranted requests for review may impact participant quality assurance (QA) scores.

The participant must flag the estimate for an ICBC review indicating that the estimate needs attention.


  1. Complete the estimate.
    The estimate must meet requirements as described in
    • the Material Damage claim procedures, and
    • the Collision Repair Program Guide.
  2. Determine if you need an ICBC review.
    If an ICBC review of the estimate or supplement is ... Then ...
    • Add the * REQUIRES REVIEW * long expansion repair line from the ICBC My Templates group. This causes a compliance failure.
    • Enter comments and remarks to support the claim in the Estimate Remarks section of the estimate. When the estimate is committed and ready to submit, Estimate Advisor runs.
    • Provide an applicable compliance failure explanation in Estimate Advisor to indicate what requires ICBC review on the estimate.
    • When adding the completed estimate in Mitchell Connect to submit to ICBC, check the Request Review checkbox.
    • Submit the estimate to ICBC.
    not required Submit the estimate.
    Note: For information on review threshold estimates, refer to the topic Repair program facility performance reviews.