Policy on painting a vehicle not found in the Mitchell database

Guidelines on painting a vehicle not found in the Mitchell Cloud Estimating (MCE) database.


When preparing an estimate for a vehicle model not found in the MCE database, the closest model to the vehicle from the same manufacturer with similarities in panel size should be used. Remarks must be made on the estimate detailing what vehicle model is being used in place of the actual vehicle.
Note: If a similar model of vehicle is not available, refer to the paint times chart. Ensure that the correct chart is used, as there are different charts for cars, pick-up trucks and vans.

Multiple water based colours

Water based paints with multiple colours cannot be applied and clear coated in one application. Each base colour requires a clear coat application between each base colour before it can be masked off for the next base colour. Larger two-tone clear coated panels require extra set up time and a second clear coat.

Duplication of frozen or matte finish

To duplicate Original Equipment (OE) frozen or matte paint finishes on vehicles, it may be necessary to refinish more panels than the adjacent panels. This is done through blending all other panels on the same viewing plane due to the sheen and variance. If frozen or matte paint refinishes are not OE, refer to the topic Custom refinish allowance

For example, when painting a four door sedan where the left front door requires repair and refinish, the blending of the left fender, left rear door and left quarter panel may be required because they are on the same viewing plane. Blending to the bumpers is at the discretion of ICBC based on size and complexity.

A note detailing the frozen or matte finish must be added to the remarks.

Note: Colour sand and buff time should not be applied for frozen and matte paint finishes.