Last updated 2023-09-29

Advanced driver assistance systems calibrations for glass claims

The glass repair program participant may need to calibrate forward-facing cameras for vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).


For a vehicle equipped with ADAS, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) procedures may require that the participant calibrate the forward facing camera(s) as part of the repair process. Calibration is performed so that the camera can relearn the vehicle's position within the sensor's field of view.

Important: Prior to accepting any work, the glass repair participant must determine whether they are capable of completing safe, proper repairs and replacements, including calibration work when required. If, subsequently, the repair facility is unable to facilitate or perform the calibration due to circumstances outside of their control, they must document their reasonable attempts to complete the calibration, and inform the customer that calibration is required.
Depending on the manufacturer, ADAS calibration may require
  • static calibration
  • dynamic calibration, or
  • both, also referred to as universal calibration.
ICBC pays the following rates for calibrations to forward facing cameras affixed to the windshield, regardless of the supplier type:
  • $225 for a successful static or dynamic calibration operation, and
  • $450 for a successful universal calibration.

ICBC does not pay above calibration rates for sublets unless the vehicle can only be calibrated with OEM equipment/systems. The facility must support that the calibration cannot be completed with an aftermarket system. All other calibrations are billed based on the manufacturer's posted repair time or sublet. The set rate applies to sublet calibrations performed at other glass repair program facilities.

Note: For more information, refer to the topics, Sublet repair and Policy on glass only sublet.

For glass repair program facilities, calibration is performed on forward facing cameras affixed to the windshield. The set rate is applied in the ADAS drop down in Glass Web Express (GWE).

Auto calibrations

Certain vehicles auto calibrate after related operations are performed. In such instances, facilities must provide documentation supporting that any additional related operations outlined in the OEM repair procedures have been completed. The calibration allowance would apply in these instances.

Example: In the case of a Tesla, provide proof that a pitch angle verification has been performed.

Required documents

Invoices submitted to ICBC for a calibration operation, repair facilities must retain documentation displaying
  • photographs of the ADAS component requiring calibration
  • the type of calibration required, such as static, dynamic, or universal
  • successful calibration results, and
  • calibration requirements, including
    • OEM procedures, or
    • equivalent repair procedures.
    Important: ICBC accepts sublet invoices as proof of successful calibration and calibration requirements, if the calibration is sublet to the vehicle manufacturer dealer. If a successful calibration result is already on file, the calibration requirements do not have to be retained or submitted.
Note: Invoices submitted to ICBC may not be paid either in full or in part, if documentation supporting both the operations and materials used is not uploaded or retained on file, as is required in the Glass repair program guide.

Reasons for glass only calibration not being performed at the time of replacement

If a glass repair program participant is unable to perform or facilitate a calibration as required by the applicable OEM procedures, due to circumstances outside of their control, , they must inform the customer that calibration is required, and provide comments in the Glass Claim Report and Payment Acquisition – Glass Express (CL14BX) form explaining the reason it was not performed.
If ... Then the participant must ...
adverse weather conditions prevented the calibration provide the re-booked appointment time.
the dealer or aftermarket calibration facility is located outside of the participant's service area provide the
  • name of the closest dealer, and
  • distance from the repair facility.
no reasonable appointment time was available from the sublet provider facility provide the
  • sublet facility name, and
  • soonest appointment availability.
the vehicle windshield has camera openings for ADAS equipment but the
  • vehicle is not equipped, or
  • existing camera is not activated.
note the claim accordingly.
vehicle modifications require a return to factory specifications before the vehicle can be calibrated provide a description of the modification or additional equipment preventing calibration, which may include
  • winches
  • bush bars
  • changes to tire sizes suspension ride height.